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Toronto Real Estate Market – February 2013

After the doom and gloom from the media, it seems that our market is defying the reports. The TREB February 2013 Toronto Real Estate Market Watch reported a volume decrease of just over 10% from last year, and a modest 2% increase in values across Toronto. However lack of inventory is definitely what is driving the prices up, especially in…

Low inventory, high demand in the Toronto Real Estate Market

Remember how the fall real estate market never quite lifted off the ground?   Remember the uncertainty in the economy (especially in the U.S.), new mortgage regulations and uncertainty about rising interest rates? If January is an indicator, it looks like the spring is going to make up for the fall Particularly in geographically limited and in demand markets like the…

2013 Toronto Real Estate Market Forecast

What’s going to happen in the 2013 real estate market? If we actually had a  crystal ball we’d hand out the winning lottery tickets too.   It’s a very popular question this time of year.  But let’s step back for a minute.  Why should you care or worry?   You should if you are in any of the following situations: And…

Home Design Trends 2013

Check out our picks for Home Design Trends 2013. There are a lot to choose from but our list considers what trends will give you the biggest bang for your buck if you decide to sell! Statement Lighting Other than paint, lighting is the next easiest and cost effective way to transform a room and give it impact – that…

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Community Center 55 – A Time to Give

If you are a Beach resident, it may surprise you to know that Community Center 55 delivers food and supplies to over 4,000 people in need right in our neighbourhood over the holidays. Their Adopt-a-Family program is an incredible opportunity to make a big difference for a family this season. They are also accepting gifts and food at the community…