Moving Checklist

As your moving day approaches, there are ton of things to plan and do!

To help you out and minimize the stress, check out the link below for our home moving checklist. It includes a timeline of what to do and when, recommended movers, cleaners, utility company phone numbers etc. as well as some tips to make the move as smooth as possible.

Keep in mind that you may not get your keys until 5pm on the day of closing so be sure to check the calendar to move the day after if possible.


-Start early. Investigate and research moving companies and/or truck rental companies.

-Hire a moving company and be sure to get written confirmation of all your costs and details of your move for your records.  Our favourite is Toronto Movers – 416 -652-6613.   They have never had a truck ‘breakdown’, they are efficient, friendly, fair and careful!

– Don’t forget to order wardrobe boxes for hanging items TIP: Weekends and holiday long weekends are busy times for movers and truck rental companies. Book far in advance (at least 2 to 3 months) to ensure you get a moving truck for the day you need to move.



– Start collecting the envelopes of any mail you receive – that way you can see over 2 months who needs to be notified of your change of address -No sense moving what you don’t want to keep. Go through your home and determine what you want to keep and what you want to throw out or donate.

TIP: Cerebral Palsy will pick up any clothing or household items as a donation. Give them a call at 416-244-0899 to find out your area’s next pick up date or book them to come over.

TIP: If you have junk to remove, call 1-800-GOT-JUNK (468-5865)

-Make a list of items in your home that need extra attention while moving or special packing instructions (i.e. computers, televisions, fine china, etc.)

-If you have children and you are moving to a new school district, start arranging the school transferring process.

– Order boxes and moving supplies: packing tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper (grocery bags are a great way to protect dish and glassware!), stock up on newspaper, box cutter or exacto knife,  sharpies – in multiple colours!,  basic tool kit,  trash bags (contractor trash bags are great for packing last minute bedding), labels , ziplock bags



Once you are ready to start packing, colour code your boxes by 3 categories: RED – unpack same day GREEN – unpack within the week BLUE – unpack later / storage

– Make sure you label each box by the room they are going in to and put a few notes of the contents.



File your change of address and arrange for forwarding with Canada Post 

– Notify the banks, government, family, utility companies, doctors, schools etc. of your move

– Set up new utilities

– Most purchase and sale agreements state that a home be left in broom swept condition.  Although we leave every home as we would want to find it, you don’t want to rely on someone else’s standards – if you are getting possession of the home before you actually move, make time to go there to clean or book a cleaning company to come in.

– European Cleaners are great for move-in, move-out cleans (905) 630-3330.   You may also want to book them to do a quick clean of the house you are leaving.  There’s nothing worse that being exhausted from moving out of your home, getting unloaded at your new home and having to go back and clean later on!

– When taking down pictures from the walls, take out the hangars and tape them to the back…when you move in and put them up you’ll always have the right hanging part handy!



– Keep out 2 containers (a laundry basket or plastic storage bin) and a suitcase or two – In those containers put your basics: toilet paper, paper towel, cleaning supplies, a basic set of cutlery, mugs, plates, bed linens, pillows, champagne?, wine?

– In the suitcases, pack as if you are going away for 2-3 days.   Having these containers means that at the end of the day you won’t have to search for things in boxes in order to eat, clean and go to sleep!

– Leave 2-3 manila sized envelopes with your name and cell number – just in case you forget to change your address or still get mail there it’s an easy place for the new home owner to put your mail and call you to pick it up

– If you are dismantling your own beds, put all of the hardware in a ziplock bag and tape it to the bed


– Make a sign for each room at the new house and put them up so the movers know which is which.  If you know what wall and place you want beds or large pieces of furniture setup. put a sticky note on the wall

– Ensure you have one person (ideally whoever did the packing!) standing at the door to direct the movers with each box or piece of furniture – Have one more person on hand to get coffee/water/food, help movers with furniture placement

– While everything is being packed up at your current home, have someone go to the new house and check if the fridge is clean to your satisfaction, etc.


Once you have settled in, make sure to meet your neighbours – studies show people who know their neighbours are happier!