The Buying Process

Here is a step by step guide to the buying process…

Step 1 – Select a Realtor You Can Trust
Determine what is important to you in working with a realtor and ensure you feel 100% comfortable with your choice.
Step 2 – Your Needs Analysis
We discuss what is important to you in your new home. Not just what features you are looking for, but what kind of home is going to fit the feeling you and your family want.
Step 3 – Sign a Buyer Representation Agreement
For our mutual agreement, understanding and protection.
Step 4 – Arrangement of Financing
Meet with qualified mortgage professional to arrange pre-approved financing.
Step 5 – Visit and Evaluate Homes
Review available listings and market conditions and tour homes that meet your needs and wants.
Step 6 – Prepare and Present an Offer
I will review your offer with you in person and determine our negotiation strategy to ensure you get the home you want at the price you are comfortable with.
Step 7 – Conditional Period
If you have made an offer with conditions, I will be involved in whatever arrangements need to be made to deal with those conditions.
Step 8 – Preparing for Closing
My job is to ensure you have the resources you need and that all parties are communicating, from the banks, to lawyers and the seller’s agent, so that you have a smooth closing process.
Step 9 – Preparing for your Move
Moving can be a stressful process. I will ensure that you have all of the people you need to make it as smooth as possible, from movers to a handyman to do any last minute repairs.
Step 10 – Settling In
Our in-house decorator will consult with you on furniture placement, paint colours and trade referrals to make it your dream home. We are there every step of the way to make sure you get settled and make the most of your home.